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BIFMA certified 350lb weight limit/ 500lb static (stationary) load, height adjustable table base, 45 db quiet, dual motor, 3 tier legs, 4 position memory handset standard, 3 position anti-collision, adjustable widths starting at 42” wide, 24” to 48” height, 24” or 28” feet, Grey, black, white standard, color match available. Significantly exceeded BIFMA longevity test with 220lb/20,000 up/down cycles. 10 year warranty components.

HP 310

3 stage / Dual Motor
350lb weight capacity
4 memory position handset
Width 40" to 70"
Height: 28" to 48"
BIFMA certified

Base Size: 24" or 30" square feet
Color: White, grey, black


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